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Declassified: 50 Secret Documents That Changed History

Moving through time from Elizabethan England to the War on Terror, Declassified places each document in its historical and cultural context, sharing the quirky and little-known truths behind state secrets and clandestine operations. Each of seven chapters centers on one particular theme, such as Secrets of War, the Art of the Double Cross, and Spy vs. Spy. Through support and access provided by the International Spy Museum, the book contains never-before-published and hard-to-find documents. These include The Zimmerman Telegram, which led America into World War I; letters from super-spy Robert Hanssen to his Soviet spymaster, marking the start of his devastating career as a mole; and papers as recent as the Presidential Daily Brief that announced that Bin Laden was determined to strike the U.S.—delivered in August 2001.