Thomas B. Allen

Harriet Tubman, Secret Agent

It's 1863. Harriet Tubman is facing her greatest challenge. She has survived her master's lash, escaped from slavery, and risked her life countless times to lead runaway slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad. Now she has a new role: Unio Spy!
She is about to lead Union warships on a raid up a river deep in Confederate territory. Success depends upon the intelligence she and her black spies have gathered. Failure means death by hanging.

This is the hidden war inside the Civil War--the daring work of African Americans who spied for the Union. It is a world of danger, of "Black Dispatches," of secret codes, and "The Secret Six."


page 12: Harriet also worked for the Union army as a cook and a nurse.

page 22: As a child, Harriet learned how to identify the North Star.

page 47: Frederick Douglass was also a champion of women’s rights.

page 63: It took the jury only 45 minutes to convict John Brown.

page 79: The Confederacy created its own flag, currency, and stamps.

page 89: Mobs in Baltimore called themselves Vigilance Committees.

page 92: Some people called Benjamin Butler Beast Butler.

page 101: After the war Elizabeth was postmaster of Richmond. *

*There is a missing number. The "s" (#24 below) is missing in "postmaster."

Answer: (53 (a), 45 (f), 65 (t), 11 (e), 61 (r), 65 (t), 62 (h), 11 (e), 34 (w), 53 (a), 61 (r), 11 (e), 51 (l), 55 (i), 22 (z), 53 (a), 66 (b), 11 (e), 65 (t), 62 (h), 34 (w), 53 (a),[ 24 (s)], 41 (p), 43 (o), 24 (s), 65 (t), 13 (m), 53 (a), 24 (s), 65 (t), 11 (e), 61(r), 43 (o), 45 (f), 61 (r), 55 (i), 42 (c), 62 (h), 13 (m), 43 (o), 63 (n), 54 (d)

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