Thomas B. Allen

Who Were the Tories?

As I say in the Prologue, every country has a Grand Story, and there are always stories under the Grand Story.

Infuriating, maddening dissent is an old American tradition--which the Tories began.

Tories lived and died in the underground of America’s Grand Story, fighting to keep America ruled by the King. They were all Americans, and they introduced the nation’s first generation of politicians to a truth that would endure: Within the tapestry known as "We the people," there would always be strands of a defiant, passionate minority.


Fighting For the King in America's First Civil War

Published November 2010.

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Selected Works

Gone from the Mount Vernon Library since 1858, a great treasure is back—and begins a new life in an exquisite reproduction.
The fascinating story of the 1844 presidential campaign of Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism.
A History of the Loyalists in the American Revolution. An accompanying book is The Loyalist Corps: Americans in Service of the King (co-author Todd W. Braisted)
How the North Used Technology to Win the Civil War. (Co-author Roger MacBride Allen)
A great American survival story that begins on a trail of defeat and ends when General George Washington leads a new army out of Valley Forge, heading toward victory.
An exciting narrative about daring slaves and free blacks who spied for the Union during the Civil War.
Because Washington was a great spymaster, the Americans outspied the British and won the Revolutionary War.
"Spy Book" is the definitive reference to the secret world of dead drops, code names, double agents, and black projects.
Culled from archives around the world, 50 documents illuminate the secret and often inaccessible stories of agents, espionage, and behind-the-scenes events that covertly changed history.
The saga of determined World War I veterans, from their historic march on Washington in 1932 to their legacy, the GI Bill, in 1944.
A day-by-day account of the real exorcism on which the movie “The Exorcist” was based.
Non-Fiction, ages 10 to 14
A compelling narrative laced with first-person accounts from both American and Japanese survivors.
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